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Radon Myths
Common Radon Myths

Myth: Scientists aren't really sure Radon is a problem.

Fact:  Although some scientists dispute the precise number of Radon deaths, virtually all scientists and major health authorities (i.e. Centers for Disease Control and the American Lung Association) agree with estimates that Radon causes thousands of preventable deaths each and every year.

Myth:  Radon testing is difficult, time consuming and expensive.

Fact:  Radon testing is realtively inexpensive and takes only two days to complete.

Myth:  Homes with high levels of radon gas cannot be fixed.

Fact:  Radon mitigation is a very effective way to rid one's home of dangerously high levels of radon gas. It usually takes one day to install and the results are immediate.  A typical mitigation system costs between $1000 and $1,200 depending on your foundation type.

Myth:  Only homes built on a basement can have a radon problem.

Fact:  Radon gas does not differentiate between foundation types.  Radon gas can and does infiltrate basement, crawl and slab foundations.

Myth:  If my neighbor has his house tested for radon and the results are very low then there is no need for me to test.

Fact:  Not true. Radon levels vary from one house to another.  The only way to know if your home has a radon problem is to test.

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